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Yantai production excavator manufacturers teach you how to save fuel

  Today, let us follow the Yantai production excavator manufacturer to understand how the machine should save fuel in the process of use. Oil is the driving force of the machine operation, but in the face of the increase in oil prices, our costs continue to increase. What should we do to reduce the amount of fuel consumption, and interested friends quickly go down to see it, of course, if you feel there is something wrong in the process of our summary, you can point us out.


    First, the first point is that we must ensure that the engine is at a normal operating temperature, especially in this weather, try to keep the water temperature at 75-50 degrees as much as possible, in addition to regularly deal with the cooling system Scale problem. Second correct adjustment of the brake. Choose the right speed. For medium and light loads, use the "high-end small throttle". Do not use it with high speed, this operation is very wasteful.

     Okay today, because of the time, let ’s summarize it here first. If friends are very interested in our products, you can directly contact Yantai Binghui Excavator Co., Ltd. We will be happy to discuss some related Question, if friends have friends who are currently using mining, you can send them the articles we have summarized and let them know what we should pay attention to when operating.

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