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What is a white object in the cylinder of Doosan's assembled excavator

    Today, a friend asked me a question about whether the cylinder of Doosan's assembly excavator will be used. There is a white object in the cylinder. In fact, a white liquid appears in the cylinder. This shows that our cylinder has a problem. The reason is that I will tell you next. Here, I still want to remind friends about our friendship. We do n’t want to be greedy for a moment, and the products we buy last often have problems.


    Friends, if friends find that the water in our hydraulic oil will turn milky, if friends find that this is the case, then we need to clean the hydraulic system and change the hydraulic oil, but when changing Be sure to release all the hydraulic oil in the tank, remove the hydraulic filter element, and disconnect the pipeline between the pump and the fuel tank from the interface of the pump to release the oil in the pipeline. Flush the hydraulic tank and lines with wash oil. Wipe the inside of the hydraulic tank with a medical cloth.

    Let's summarize it here for everyone today. If you think our summary is very useful to you, you can forward our article to your circle of friends. We hope more friends know this knowledge point. If friends encounter some related problems in the process of using, you can contact Yantai Binghui Excavator Co., Ltd. by phone, we will help you find the solution to the problem as much as possible. Of course, if friends think our products Meet your requirements now, so what are you waiting for?

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